Blue copper sculpture


"One has to play. Playing keeps you connected to this world, to your work, and to the people around. The pieces I create should evoke memories, feelings, and thoughts - in myself and especially in the viewer". - Saimi Joutsi

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A man picking olives on the field

Casanova & me

Cedric Casanova was an acrobat in Cirque Du Soleil, Francois Clerc a product designer – they now collaborate with small local producers in Sicily and supply some of the best restaurants in Paris and London with the finest Sicilian products. The line “Casanova & me” is a new range of haircare products made of olive oil.

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A capture of the interior of Typa Centre

TYPA Centre

TYPA is a museum and studio for historic letterpress printing, bookbinding and a centre for education, research and art exchanges. As part of their interest in sustainable cultural practices, they also create notebooks and other useful items by re-purposing old books.

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NID interview with London based sustainable designer duo.

Dust London

A collaborative company challenging the perception of sustainable design. In changing the way materials are conventionally used, they create homeware from natural materials. Their growing collection inspired by origami forms, transforms tea waste into elegant objects.

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NID interview with Finnish ceramist Eva Spoof.

Eva Spoof / Udumbara

In 2016 our paths crossed with Finnish ceramist Eva in Paris and since then we have been following her world of soulful ceramics. We've put together a short conversation about her journey to pottery, recycling and what makes Finns happy. 

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