Bar Stool Klik Black


Handmade stool with wooden top and metal legs

Handmade bar stool by an Estonian designer duo UUP. The metal legs are bended and the top is coloured birch wood. Various colours and custom made orders are possible.

A black and white optical image

A pile of three legged stools

A black and white illustration of monkeys

Black balloons on the floor and floating above

Black chairs in a row

A monkey smiling and saying hello


UUP - Bar Stool Black / Davide Balliano - Untitled / Stool E60 - Alvar Aalto & Otto Korhonen / Krõõt Kukkur - Monkeys / Tadao Cern - Black Balloons / Series 7 - Arne Jacobsen / Krõõt Kukkur - tsau!