Vessel B-52 No. 12

Laura Itkonen

Small sculptural vessel with a unique handmade, sculpted decoration on top. The whole vessel has a matt white surface from tip to toe and the inner side of the cup has a food safe glazing on it. One of a kind piece, designed and handmade by Finnish ceramist Laura Itkonen in her studio in Helsinki. More than being a functional object, the container is a real piece of art on its own.
The cup can be washed in the dishwasher, the lid is hand wash only.

Triin Tint Illustration

Kristoffer Heikkinen design

Anu Vahtra Photography


Laura Itkonen - Vessel B-52 No. 12 / Illustration by Triin Tint / Kristoffer Heikkinen - series of ceramic wall sculptures Opposites / Reka Kiraly - Pattern nr 444 / Laura Itkonen - Vessel B-52 No. 12 / Anu Vahtra Photography in collaboration with Johanna Ulfsak / Studio Joanna Laajisto - Columbia Road office in Helsinki / Kasekunst