Stepping Stone Pillow Cover


Handpainted colourful pillow case

Decorative pillow cover made in Helsinki from ethically produced silk and hemp fabric. The print is hand painted on silk and the back side is made from hemp canvas. The silk used for this pillow cover is ethically produced peace silk which means the silkworm wasn't killed in the production process. The fabric was woven without chemicals in a safe and fair working conditions in India. Hemp fiber is naturally environment friendly because it doesn't require pesticides or fertilisers to grow.

 Three bubbles filled with nature images

4 rows of vegetables and their ceramic forms

A piece of peach in between round mirrors

A man diving into water and his reflection

Two pomelo shape vases and green leaf


Annasari - Pillow cover Stepping Stone / Print by Liiv Ceramics / mischer´traxler studio - Reversed Volumes / Brisk - Mirroll / André Kertesz - Dive In / Saija Halko - Pomelo