Rug Zikzak

Leeda Ots

Yellow zikzak cotton rug

Thick and durable rug. Handmade on a traditional loom. The ends have been turned back and stitched by hand.

Black chair object

Concrete pattern

Green lampshade

Green beige vases

Yellow paper collage

Yellow chair

Geometric art object


Leeda Ots - Zikzak rug / from @minimalgoods / close-up by Element Clay Studio / Julia Jessen and Niklas Jessen - Kaskad Lighting Big Soft Mint / Andreas Bergsaker - Singularity Vase / Kadri Toom - preparations for the spring exhibition / Design by Arter&Citton, found on @nowyprodukt / Heiðdís Halla Bjarnadóttir - Form