Aethusa Seedcard


Handmade seed paper with floral illustration

Seed paper cards are handmade from 100 % recycled paper and are letterpress printed. All seed paper cards come with an ivory envelope. Instructions on how to plant seed paper cards are written on the back side of the packaging.

Ceramic bubbles with different sizes

Wooden wall piece in a white interior

Yellow dried flower with a signature

Red blue and green tufted rug on a stairway

Two women  in front of yellow and red flowers


Labora - Seed Card Aethusa / Heidi Aulikki ceramics - Thought Bubbles / Yousuke Harigane (Yu Momoeda) / Nordic Herbarium - Primrose / Johanna Ulfsak No Fun Rugs - Clyfford / Malle Leis - Young Gardeners