Basket Nude


Wall basket with grapes

The Wallment grids and baskets can be used everywhere in your house or office to create beautiful memoboards, storage units, photo walls and herb or plant walls. Hang your notes and baskets to the grid for a beautiful plant wall or storage board, or use on its own as a memo board with clips, magnets and hooks.

Bench with geometric shapes

A man walking in a red room

Stairs next to the water

Pink coloured house and palm trees

Pink concrete housing

Pink concrete house with stairs

Pink concrete house with trees


Wallment - Basket/ Nortstudio - Urban Bench / Designboom - Renesa Restaurant (India) / Stairs in Jaipur (India) / Accidentallywesanderson (@instagram) - Amanjena Hostel, Marrakech / Ricardo Bofill - Red-Wall, La Muralla Roja Housing Project in Calpe (Spain)